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Whether you are a reseller looking for a single product or a top tier company looking for a ready-to-use IT solution, we have the solutions for your business.

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As a distributor focused on network hardware, which has suppliers in complementary sectors, we know a lot about our market segment. This allows us to build a solution for you that meets your needs and goals.

Our ability to provide a wide range of products and services also makes you more useful for your customer. Instead of joining a variety of resellers, you can use Amphibiansoft as your partner, adding additional value, experience and technology to your offering services.

And we don’t just consider your customers. We want to help you, the reseller, maximize the profitability too, because if you are successful, we will be successful.

When it comes to hardware distribution, you can trust Amphibiansoft to be efficient, impartial and economical.

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You can choose which products you want, along with specifications and their discounted price.


Through an honest, trustworthy, highly qualified and empowered management team.

Reseller Support

Amphibiansoft provides resellers priority support for the fastest response possible.

Reseller Marketing Services

Sales and marketing assistance from the Amphibiansoft team.

Diversify and add value to the offer that your store has to the customer.

Our offer include, but we are not limited to:


High-end monitors and display solutions for business, graphics, home entertainment, healthcare and others.

Data Center

Enterprise-class storage solutions, products that adapt to your growing virtual environments.

Video surveillance

Wide range of network video surveillance solutions, including cameras and encoders, video management systems and recorders.

Cyber security

Proactive online security that keeps your home and business safe.

Power supply

Power electronics equipment to ensure a continuous, clean and reliable power supply to your business.

Cloud Backup

A complete Backup & Disaster Recovery solution for Virtual, Physical, Cloud workloads & SaaS Applications.

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