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Amphibiansoft – Partner Iberlayer

Iberlayer – Cloud email protection
Founded in 2012 by engineers with extensive experience in the IT security industry, IberLayer is the company behind Email Guardian, a cloud-based Email Total Protection system that filters and blocks email threats.

Why use the Iberlayer Cloud Email protection?
Benefits of the Cloud
Saves communication bandwidth
Saves time and money
Reduces customer concerns

Blocks up to 99.9% of spam protection
Multiple AntiVirus + SandBox

Input and output filters
Minimum delay in verification
Checks on recipients

Best price
Licensed by number of users, not by mailboxes
Service fee per month or year 1 service, 1 price: all included

SLA (Service Level Agreements)
5 days of encrypted cache in case of client server failure
Level 3 Data Center +++

Installation and operation in 5 minutes
24/7 support service.

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