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About us

About us

We are based in Setúbal – Portugal – founded in March of 2019 by experienced businesspersons with the goal to be differentiated on business Information Technology.


Why are we named “Amphibiansoft”?

It all starts with Salamander and the characteristics of this beautiful living being. 

Like a Salamander, we are master adapting and always prepared to deliver the best solutions to our clients, allowing the clients to reach success in their business but mainly, ensure they adapt to success.


Adapt to success, be part of it.


Our team

Ana Ribeiro


Lino Pereira


Vasco Galvão

Agile Coach

Ricardo Pinto

FullStack Developer

Luís Lota

FullStack Developer

Alexandre Araújo

FullStack Developer

Vlad Divizinschi

FullStack Developer

João Nogueira

FullStack Developer

Salomão Netto


Thomas Marques

IOT Engineer

Joana Baptista

UI - UX Designer

Fábio Martins

Quality Engineer

Carina Claudino

Business Manager

João Almeida

Business Manager

Tânia Antunes

HR Career Development

People are the foundation of everything. Our vision is based on this very foundation and as amphibians we will make the difference and achieve the goals we set ourselves whatever the circumstances or difficulties that a project has.
Vasco Galvão
Senior Developer / Agile coach
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