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We distribute technology products and specialized services. Our customers are stores and companies that resell technology products, so people can use them every day at home or in the office. Applying deep knowledge and experience in meeting our customers’ needs, we implement and integrate specialized advanced technology solutions for any functionality challenge.


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Choosing the right software development partner is not easy. But our job is to facilitate it in this task. Our mission is to help you transform your business, increase revenue, save time and operating costs, with transparent communication, efficient methods and advice, allowing you to focus on your core business and goals.



When your business is small, employees easily exchange information, documents, emails, and a decision is made based on the scarce information that exists and this is normal for businesses that have just started.

In today’s existing business, things are no longer so simple, your business needs to keep pace with changing markets and stay competitive and make right decisions almost instantly.

Has your business grown, more and more employees working in one location, remotely or in different locations with different time zones, and is there a need for integrated information exchange to easily make the right decisions?

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